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RedDoorz founder’s recipe for success: Focus on one city, one market, one segment at a time

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According to the world travel and tourism council, the travel and tourism industry in South-East Asia was US$128b in 2017, with 11.6m people employed, with an average of 7% annual growth. This is an exciting and growing industry, so what opportunities can entrepreneurs work on, in particular to the hotel industry? To answer these questions, I spoke […]

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4 overplayed startup themes in Singapore and the challenges of implementing them

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As an early-stage VC in Singapore, Tri5 Ventures usually gets a good number of pitches monthly from Singapore-based startups. Given that we are an appointed incubator by SPRING Singapore to facilitate startup grants we receive a lot of millennial entrepreneurs who are usually first or second-time entrepreneurs who want funding to grow their business ideas. Unfortunately, Singapore is […]