Positive Impact Investing

Since 2020, I am on a new 10-year mission to promote impact investing into tech startups in South-East Asia. I believe firmly that impact dollars which demand not just financial gains but impact gains, will shift entrepreneurs to develop technologies that benefit society and the environment.

I now seek impact investors who believe in this vision to create a better South-East Asia and invest into my VC fund. Do connect with me below if you are such an investor.

Singapore’s Startup Evangelist

My previous 10-year mission (2011 to 2020) was being a startup evangelist for Singapore, my home country and a place I hold dear in my heart. During this period, I advised over 1,200 startup founders and aided 82 to receive S$3.5m in government grants. I also written over 120 articles on various media to promote Singapore’s tech ecosystem.

I still mentor startup founders and young Singaporeans whom I feel are the future of Singapore. If you are Singaporean and below 35, connect with me.