I have been blessed by many mentors who taught me various things over my career as an entrepreneur, investor and as a holistic person. Without these shared experiences and imparting of skills and mindsets, I would not be where I am today, impacting and changing lives in the field of entrepreneurship and investment.

Mentorship is often ignored in entrepreneurship. To me, it is a vital part of growing an entrepreneur and having those 1-to-1 sessions of shared experiences help develop a mature mindset of success in one's life.

Mentorship is also a long-term relationship and not one-off coffee sessions. A mentor does more than being concerned over the business, but also the life of the entrepreneur and how he/she grows in maturity. A mentor is very much part of the entrepreneur's life.

Being a mentor is part of executing my vision, which is to raise a generation of young Singaporean entrepreneurs to succeed and actively pay-it-forward to the next generation.

I am proud to have worked in the lives of many entrepreneurs and individuals whom I have come to regard as trusted friends.

Christopher has one of the biggest hearts out there in the business. His transparency to share whatever he knows and truthfulness on what he’s still learning is refreshing in this industry. He believes in coming alongside and taking each business to the next level. Beyond numbers, his desire to help each entrepreneur find a bigger purpose in themselves and what they do, is why I believe he will be a huge success.

Clarence Chan, 32Founder, Bandwagon

When I think of words to describe Christopher, only two words comes to my mind. "Serving" and “Transformative”. There are many types of Leaders in the World. Many are charismatic that has the abilities to speak to the thousands. Christopher on the other hand, choose to impact many, one at time. I was fortunate enough to have came across this man, whom I am proud to call a mentor.

Christopher’s heart is to help Singapore Entrepreneurs thrive in a challenging global economy for the next 50 years. He believes that our "little red dot” has a purpose on the Global Map. But he also understand that Entrepreneurs are human beings too and often has care and concern over our personal life. On many occasions, his thoughtful actions had made meaning impact on me.

I believe if you come across Christopher, spend sometime knowing his thoughts and heart and you might just see his love for the people around him.

Dalston Pung, 32Entrepreneur