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Govt’s S$300 million injection into deep-tech scheme will benefit Singapore. But some concerns remain

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Among the many announcements in Budget 2020, one which slipped under the radar was the S$300 million injection by the Government into Startup SG Equity for deep-technology startups. Under the scheme, the Government will co-invest up to S$4 million with qualified third-party investors into eligible Singapore-based deep technology startups. As a deep-tech venture capitalist in Singapore’s […]

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Sustainability is about collaboration and multiplying the effect to create an impact

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This article first appeared on Medium. In kuehs and putu mayam (traditional Singaporean local cake desserts), the red jaggery sugar is a key ingredient used for its texture and celebratory color. But these desserts are more familiar with the boomer generation than it is with millennials or the Gen Zs. This poses a challenge for Cheng Yew Heng, Singapore’s oldest […]