So who is Christopher Quek?
Serial Entrepreneur -> Startup Evangelist -> Venture Capitalist

Serial Entrepreneur (2000 – present)

Being entrepreneurial runs in my veins.

I am a third generation businessman in Singapore, from my grandfather running a vehicle rental business, to my father running a conglomerate of businesses to me being a serial entrepreneur and a VC.

I have gained over 25 years of entrepreneurial and investing experience, from as young as 15, working for my father’s conglomerate, from marketing and managing F&B outlets, to investing in dot.coms, commercialising IP from Russian tech and reviewing plastic tooling manufacturing plants in China.

I was a pioneer in the 2000 era in SEA, running my very own eCommerce store in Malaysia and Singapore. And it wasn’t enough. Being serial entrepreneur in nature, I further dabbled into education centers and invested in various startups as an angel investor while managing financial instruments for my family.

Startup Evangelist (2011 – 2020)

In 2011, I embarked as an evangelist in the Singapore startup community, with a vision of creating a vibrant startup ecosystem by investing, nurturing and mentoring a group of Singapore-based entrepreneurs to expand themselves regionally and internationally.

Through the years of nonstop community and ecosystem involvement

To this end, I ran a government-appointed incubator for 9 years, supporting 82 startups to obtain S$3.5m in government grants, and providing over 1,200 1-to-1 free advisories to startups. I attended multiple startup events across SEA as speaker, judge and moderator (see above). Over 100 articles were written by me on the ecosystem via multiple online tech and mainstream media.

Venture Capitalist (2015 – Present)

Since 2015, TRIVE is now my main focus. It is an early-stage Venture Capitalist entity that invests in B2B Positive Impact Technology startups that serve SEA businesses, resulting in sustainable outcomes. It is my vehicle to accomplish my 10-year mission in raising the level of impact investments into technology startups in SEA. Through this vision, I aim to create a better sustainable future for the next generation in SEA.