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I had a sudden bug to write and have been addicted to writing since. since 2015, I have been a journalist and writer, writing over 120 articles.

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Sustainability is about collaboration and multiplying the effect to create an impact

This article first appeared on Medium. In kuehs and putu mayam (traditional Singaporean local cake desserts), the red jaggery sugar is a key ingredient used for its texture and celebratory color. But these desserts are more familiar with the boomer generation than it is with millennials or the Gen Zs. This poses a challenge for Cheng Yew Heng, Singapore’s oldest […]

How innovation in production created a sustainable usage of marble

This article first appeared on Medium. Corporation Road in Singapore is best described as a place filled with factories and industrial-like buildings. Design and aesthetics are the last thing on anyone’s mind. So it was a stark contrast to the office I was visiting in this area. My jaw was just left wide-open and dangling […]

Discipline is the name of the game as startup valuations soar

The wave of exuberance in South-east Asia has cast the spotlight on startup valuations, with some industry players predicting a correction in 2020. Christopher Quek, managing partner of VC firm TRIVE, called valuations “over-rated”. “It’s no celebration for those who raised another round of funding, unless there is a clear growth in earnings,” said Mr […]

Here’s how the Singapore startup scene will look like in 2020

Written by: Christopher Quek 2019 was a significant year for the Singapore startup scene for several reasons. On a positive note, Carousell’s merger with classified firm 701Search lifted its value to S$1.2 billion, showing that born-and-bred Singaporeans can grow unicorns – companies with a valuation of over S$1 billion – and can compete in the […]

How Killiney Kopitiam is evolving their heritage brand with foodtech

It was like walking into the past of Singapore as I entered into Lorong Telok, a group of restored shophouses nestled within the financial district, next to iconic Boat Quay attraction. Yet this area is filled with modern eateries, cafes and entertainment spots that seeks to attract the business crowd for their daily meals and […]

Commentary: Shame is still prevalent among failed Singaporean startup founders

PM Lee spoke about startup founders are able to fail with no shame in Singapore’s culture. He has good intentions in encouraging aspiring Singaporeans to try new businesses and succeed. I, for one, am eager too to promote this culture of entrepreneurship. However, it is a stark difference in reality. For ten years, I have been […]

I have interviewed over 90 persons now on their perspectives of the startup ecosystems, including exclusives with Ryan Homes (Hootsuite), Getty Goh (CoAssets), Peter Ho (Hope Tecnik) and more.

All these articles have been inspired by my experiences as a fund manager of TRIVE, a mentor at Angels Gate Advisory and my community activities with Singapore or travelling and visiting other ecosystems. It has been a fun experience engaging new entrepreneurs in different ecosystems and I look forward to even more engagements in the field of Venture Capital.

List of interviewees… and growing:

  1. Joel Neoh, founder, FAVE (MY)
  2. Amit Saberwal, founder, Reddoorz (SG, ID, PH)
  3. Ryan Holmes, founder, Hootsuite (CA)
  4. Getty Goh, founder, CoAssets (SG)
  5. Peter Ho, founder, HopeTecnik (SG)
  6. Shirley Wong, Managing Partner, TNF Ventures (SG)
  7. Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Senior Director, IPI Singapore (SG)
  8. Oswald Yeo, CEO, Glints (SG)
  9. Morgan Yeo, MD, Roger and Sons (SG)
  10. Jerry Lim, COO, Restaurant Chains, JP Pepperdine Group (SG)
  11. Gideon Lam, CEO, Shalom International Movers (SG)
  12. Marcus Tan, MD, Conspec Builders Sdn Bhd (MY)
  13. Cherilyn Tan, founder, Asia Law Network (SG)
  14. Roshni Mahtani, founder & CEO, Tickled Media (SG)
  15. Dr Sun Wenting, CEO, Optimate (SG)
  16. Trina Ha, Director, Legal Department, IPO Singapore (SG)
  17. Ted Poh, founder, Pegaxis (SG)
  18. Ming Jie Tan, founder, DeNova Sciences (SG)
  19. Ben Fones, founder, SubNero (SG)
  20. Christopher Yeo, CEO, Aspecial Media (SG)
  21. Anshul Gupta, co-founder, Tabsquare (SG)
  22. Mathan Muthupillai, CEO, Techmetics (SG)
  23. Kar Kiat Khoo, CEO, Fastbee (SG)
  24. Michelle Leong, MD, TenTen (PH)
  25. Syakir Hashim, founder, Skolafund (MY)
  26. Paul Yang, CEO, Lomotif (US)
  27. Umar Munshi, Managing Partner, (SG)
  28. Jerry Chen, founder, Express in Music (SG)
  29. Yew Jin Lim, Tech Lead Manager, Google Now (US)
  30. Benjamin Chew, Web App Developer, SmartHealth (US)
  31. Victor Liew, co-founder, (SG)
  32. Elisha Tan, founder, TechLadies (SG)
  33. Joelle Yeo, analytics consultant, EY (SG)
  34. Tracey Yuen, instructor, Thinkertanker (SG)
  35. Shaun Lee, Milkman, (MY)
  36. CK Wong, founder, Silvermouse (MY)
  37. Syed Ahmad Fuqaha, CEO, Katsana (MY)
  38. Kok Seong Ang, founder, Helpr (MY)
  39. Shannon Toh, Exec Director, Saltycustoms (MY)
  40. Francis Uy, CEO, Mobkard (PH)
  41. Chino Atilano, Timefree Innovations (PH)
  42. Jp Bisson, CEO and co-founder, Loans Solutions (PH)
  43. Ron Baetiong, CEO and founder, PartyPhile (PH)
  44. Tony Wong, CEO and co-founder, Shopline (TW)
  45. Eric Wang, founder, Citiesocial (TW)
  46. Charles Chin, CEO and co-founder, Writepath (TW)
  47. Cate Xie, co-founder and CBDO, Skyrec Inc (TW)
  48. Mikaal Abdulla, co-founder and CEO, 8 Securities (HK)
  49. Kit Chan, co-founder and CEO, PopupAngels (HK)
  50. Juliette Gimenez, co-founder and CEO of Goxip (HK)
  51. Fergus Clarke, CEO and co-founder of Lamplight Analytics (HK)
  52. Bradley Chiang, co-founder of Snapask (HK)
  53. Asaph Kim, co-founder and CDO, 3.14 Co Ltd (KR)
  54. Daniel Chan, CEO and founder of Toss Lab (KR)
  55. John Kwon, CEO of Idolink (KR)
  56. David Lee, CEO of Shakr Media Co. Ltd. (KR)
  57. Sun Ung Lee, chairman and founder of Cloudike (KR)
  58. Shota Morikawa, CEO and co-founder, STBooking (JP)
  59. Russell Cummer, Co-founder and CEO, Exco (JP)
  60. Yuka Fujii, CEO, Famarry (JP)
  61. Akinori Fumihara, founder and CEO, Nana (JP)
  62. Daniel Maggs, CEO, Bisu (JP)
  63. Khoi Nguyen, founder and CEO, WeFit (VN)
  64. Alvin Koh, founder and CEO, Peko Peko (VN)
  65. Duong The Vinh, co-founder and CEO, Cititech (VN)
  66. Cao Nguyen, founder and CEO, UseData (VN)
  67. Khanh Tong, CEO of Hanoi-based Checkit (VN)
  68. Son Le Thanh, Cognitive Solutions Engineer, IBM Watson and ecosystem evangelist, Vietnam (VN)
  69. Anh Minh Do, former TIA editor Vietnam and ecosystem expert, Vietnam (VN)
  70. Langda Chea, CEO,` BookMeBus (KH)
  71. Steven Path, CEO, Pathmazing Inc. (KH)
  72. Jamon Mok, CEO and founder, Backstreet Academy (KH)
  73. In Mean, founder, Khmerhome (KH)
  74. Vichet In, CEO, Mediaload (KH)
  75. Daryl Chew, CEO and founder, Nail Deck (SG)
  76. Gerald Tan, co-founder, GetFash (SG)
  77. Kenneth Lou, co-founder and CEO, Seedly (SG)
  78. Lawrence Lim COO, CoAssets (SG)
  79. Raniel Lee, CEO, Jobook (SG)
  80. Yung Yih Tan, Director, DLRE Holdings Pte Ltd
  81. Darrell Zhang, founder, Intraix
  82. Wayne Siew, MD, Amplify
  83. Eugene Yan, Manager Data Scientist, Lazada
  84. Dr Shonali Krishnaswamy, CTO, AIDA Technologies
  85. Gene Yan Ooi , Co-founder of Shentilium
  86. Dr Yongli Hu, researcher at the Data Analytics Department, I2R, A*STAR
  87. Ho Kee Lim, Managing Partner, Majuven
  88. Kuo-Yi Lim, MD, Monk’s Hill Ventures
  89. Benjamin Lee, Angel Investor
  90. Dr Virginia Cha, Angel Investor