Company culture is what you reward, punish, and tolerate, says this founder

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“We don’t look at passion, as it is very intangible. In fact, everyone is very passionate at job interviews,” exclaimed Oswald Yeo, CEO and co-founder of Glints. I spoke with him on stage at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 on the topic of company culture. Yeo thinks passion is overrated. To him, it is very intangible and short-lived. […]

How I listed my crowdfunding startup on the ASX in 3 years

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“For any startup doing fintech, one needs to recognize that it is a highly regulated space. Scalability becomes an issue,” says Getty Goh, founder of CoAssets. “Without scale, VCs would not want to invest in the near term. You will need to stomach one to two years of bootstrapping before you reach a certain point.” A poignant idea, and Getty […]

I started a business not to manage it, but to engineer it

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The second commandment of their company’s creed says “We are engineering commandos. Small in number, strong in force”. Having the privilege to tour their facility twice, I call them the ‘James Bond Factory of Singapore’ and I can’t even fathom the depth of their engineering expertise at work. Hope Technik, which was featured by TIA a year […]