Why we didn’t become engineers

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It is all hands on deck when it comes to addressing the lack of the engineering talent in Singapore. As the news broke that the Singapore government was investing a whopping $90m to support more tech developer talent and to meet the demand for 30,000 tech engineering jobs by 2020, many have rejoiced and celebrated for this […]

How the education system can be improved to groom better engineers

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Over the last few months, the conversation on Singapore’s tech talent has evolved. It started from the current state of Singapore’s tech talent, engineering becoming a choice profession, the government’s hiring of 1,000 engineers and more for large public projects, to students pursuing their professions of choice as engineers. Taking this further, with the state institutions producing over 11,409 engineering and science graduates […]

Solutions to Singapore’s engineering talent crunch, according to the TIA Community

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In the article “The dark side of tech development in Singapore”, I highlighted the issues plaguing the Singapore ecosystem in getting engineering talent and how entrepreneurs are handling this situation. This macro problem is multi-faceted and not easily resolved overnight. However, initiatives are ongoing, which this article will try to highlight as many as possible. […]

Programming as a career in Singapore

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The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) had announced recently a partnership with General Assembly (GA) to launch the first Career Accelerator in Singapore. Two entry-level programming courses, a 10-week User Experience Design Immersive and a 12-week Web Development Immersive, will be launched in Singapore in November 2015. These two programs aims to target mid-career non-ICT professionals interested in a tech career, […]

I started a business not to manage it, but to engineer it

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The second commandment of their company’s creed says “We are engineering commandos. Small in number, strong in force”. Having the privilege to tour their facility twice, I call them the ‘James Bond Factory of Singapore’ and I can’t even fathom the depth of their engineering expertise at work. Hope Technik, which was featured by TIA a year […]