About me

People know me best as a pro-Singaporean tech startup evangelist, where I work, support and encourage Singaporeans to become tech entrepreneurs and build a lively startup ecosystem.

This site is where entrepreneurs can find my thought leadership on the South-East Asia ecosystem, startup advisories, interviews with successful founders and the startup ecosystem scene in Singapore.

My experiences as an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, VC, incubator, thought leader and mentor have built over the last 20 years and I hope to always contribute to the country that I love.

It has been 10 years since I supported the Singapore ecosystem.

From 2020, I am shifting my new call to Sustainable Future Cities, where I believe the urgent call to address unsustainable practices of businesses in South-East Asia. I aim to invest and groom sustainable cities tech startups that will capitalise on the growing Gen Z markets of South-East Asia.

Venture Capitalist

My official profession is an early-stage venture capitalist, where I am Managing Partner of TRIVE.

TRIVE is an early-stage VC that invests in B2B Deep Tech enablers that support consumer-facing businesses in serving the rising South-East Asian Gen Z consumers.

TRIVE Venture Capital
a Licensed Monetary Authority of Singapore VCFM

Thought Leadership

As part of giving back to the startup ecosystem, I regularly guest write for various tech publications. To date, I have written over 100 articles. Below are the latest I have written.

Govt’s S$300 million injection into deep-tech scheme will benefit Singapore. But some concerns remain

Among the many announcements in Budget 2020, one which slipped under the radar was the S$300 million injection by the Government into Startup SG Equity for deep-technology startups. Under the scheme, the Government will co-invest up to S$4 million with qualified third-party investors into eligible Singapore-based deep technology startups. As a deep-tech venture capitalist in Singapore’s […]

Sustainability is about collaboration and multiplying the effect to create an impact

This article first appeared on Medium. In kuehs and putu mayam (traditional Singaporean local cake desserts), the red jaggery sugar is a key ingredient used for its texture and celebratory color. But these desserts are more familiar with the boomer generation than it is with millennials or the Gen Zs. This poses a challenge for Cheng Yew Heng, Singapore’s oldest […]

How innovation in production created a sustainable usage of marble

This article first appeared on Medium. Corporation Road in Singapore is best described as a place filled with factories and industrial-like buildings. Design and aesthetics are the last thing on anyone’s mind. So it was a stark contrast to the office I was visiting in this area. My jaw was just left wide-open and dangling […]

Discipline is the name of the game as startup valuations soar

The wave of exuberance in South-east Asia has cast the spotlight on startup valuations, with some industry players predicting a correction in 2020. Christopher Quek, managing partner of VC firm TRIVE, called valuations “over-rated”. “It’s no celebration for those who raised another round of funding, unless there is a clear growth in earnings,” said Mr […]

Mentoring millennial Singaporeans

Need guidance in your entrepreneurial journey, or just advice on life decisions? Life is pretty tough as a millennial, and sometimes, you just want to someone to hear you out and guide you.

Say no more. To me, it is the greatest PASSION and privilege to be part of the lives of the next generation.

I have been blessed and enriched by the experiences, joys and trials of my over 30 mentees. I myself am a product of 5 mentors who have guided me through my life.

I am also the founder of the NEXT50.sg initiative, where there are over 85 mentors waiting to mentor you today, absolutely free!

If you are Singaporean and below the age of 35, connect with me for a kopi.

Celebrating with one of my best mentees, Felix Lee,
a young entrepreneur and valedictorian of his cohort in Singapore Polytechnic 2018

Speaker, Judge, Guest Lecture

As part of the ecosystem, it is always necessary to give back.

Being called on to speak, judge competitions and moderate events are an important part of imparting new knowledge to a rising generation of entrepreneurs.

It was also natural that I ended up guest lecturing entrepreneurship-related topics and explaining the tech startup landscape.

This has led me to be involved in guest teaching in Singapore’s state universities, as well as conducting public masterclasses and private ones to Telkomsel’s management.

Teaching a guest lecture to undergraduate students
at Singapore Management University.